Ernst LeJeune : Gave Some Insight about The Independent Woman on Miss Independent Woman Movie

by missIndi

Biography of Ernst LeJeune

Ernst LeJeune has been in the field of education for five years. He has worked with special needs adults, high school, middle school, and elementary students in the fields of mathematics, science, computer technology, writing, and reading.
Mr. LeJeune was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti to parents Dieuseul and Sildanie LeJeune.  He came to America at the age of eight with his sister Erline, and rejoined his parents.  Mr. LeJeune attended the Nyack Public Schools from elementary to high school, where he became a scholar athlete.  His high school career catapulted him to a successful completion of a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Master of Science in Education degrees at the state university of New York in Albany.
Upon completion of his college career, Mr. LeJeune was given the opportunity to intern as an assistant principle at Veeder Elementary School in Colonie, Albany.  The administrative position allowed him to observe teaching and classroom management before becoming a teacher.  Mr. LeJeune started his first year of teaching at a St. Casmir’s school, which is a parochial school in Albany bring him to the realization the need for role-models in the urban areas.  He continued his teaching experience with Mount Vernon School district in Westchester, New York and then to Promise Academy in Harlem New York. Throughout these teaching experiences Mr. LeJeune was and still is able to elevate and strengthen his beliefs as a teacher teaching to low-income students.
Becoming a part of Team Schools in Newark, New Jersey prior to moving to Georgia to pursue a Doctoral degree in Education Leadership, allowed him to express and showcase his skills and talents in education.  As a Founding Algebra Teacher for Team Schools, Mr. LeJeune believes patience and taking the time to understand a student as a whole is the key to properly educating a child.  He believes that a teacher should pay attention to the background of the student, the culture, the family history, the academic history, the social class, and economic status of the student.  All of which are key elements to finding the best strategies to approach and reach the students learning.
To conclude, Mr. LeJeune is well rounded individual who is eager to learn new ways to advance students learning.  His focus is on the student’s future leading to college and beyond.  Currently, Mr. LeJeune is Founder and Owner of MathAfterNumbers, LLC, which enables him to tutor, mentor, provide guidance and support for teachers, and instruct GED courses throughout and surrounding the Atlanta region.