NaTasha Breed (HipHop LeGend Mc Breed Wife) Shares her world about being a Independent Woman , Mother , & Staying Strong After Mc Breed Past Away

by missIndi
NaTasha Breed

Natasha (Gist) Breed, an inspiring writer and mother of four, resides in the Atlanta area. Born in Flint, Michigan in 1971, Natasha grew up in an era that created and appreciated Hip Hop music. Raised in the inner city dominated by mostly factories and auto plants, Natasha always dreamed of a much bigger life.
Studying drama and music in school, Natasha was very active in many school productions and had an “itch” for entering any talent or fashion show the community had to offer. Although the stage was fun, writing was her passion and Natasha excelled in journalism during high school, participating in programs for the local newspaper and news station. Although she always dreamed big, she was most happy just being a Mom and sharing her life with childhood friend turned rapper, Eric Breed.
As soulmate and mother of three children with Breed, Natasha experienced the good, bad, and ugly of the music industry first hand. After Breed’s sudden death in 2008, Natasha was faced with many negative setbacks when it came to the music industry and Breed’s Estate. Deciding not to let life’s most tragic blow knock her down, Natasha decided to use what she learned from her experiences to help others.
She is currently writing her memoir, “What’s Left Behind”, an emotional story of her life: experiences with Breed and his tragic death, the music industry and how it left her family devastated. As an aggressive but intelligent woman, Natasha launched the singing career of daughter Lexi Breed and also manages the M.C Breed Estate. Future plans for Natasha:  to continue writing as well as speak on panels or seminars educating artists’ regarding contracts, royalties, copyrights, etc. For more info: